Sunday, 11 December 2011

Deterrent Power

Deterrent Power is the potential to counter any threat from an enemy, by relying on one's own forces.

If Gaddafi had sufficent "Deterrent Power", such as nuclear weapons, then Libya would not have been attacked.

Also, many seem to think that Gaddafi was some cruel leader, but do you really think that even at his worst, that Gaddafi was worse than the United States???
Are you even aware of how cruel the American Government has been, especially how they have caused the deaths of millions upon millions of people around the world, often of innocent civilians??
For example, the million people in Iraq who died as a result of the Bush actions, resulting from the sanctions and attacks??

Or consider even how the United States supported Saddam Hussein in the Iraqi attack against your country Iran, in a war that caused the deaths of one million people??
Or the up to ten million people who died in the Korean war?
Or the up to two million people who died in the Viet Nam war?
We could go into the thousands of illegal lynchings, often of innocent lynching civilians in the US.
Or we could look at the over 15,000 executions by the US.
We could study the major terrorist activities committed by the US in Nicaragua.
Or then there are countless numbers of false flags and black operations committed by the US.
And the list goes on and on of the deaths that the United States has caused to tens of millions of people,
the majority being innocent civilians.

The fact is that the United States is a terrorist regime.
Some people may deny that, but those people are just being fools.

Yet Gaddafi NEVER caused anywhere near that amount of trouble and of deaths that the United States has caused.

Also, the fact remains that Gaddafi was one of the best leaders to his own people, out of almost any leader at anytime, any where.
NO American leader lifted up his own people anywhere close to how Gaddafi lifted up his own people and their living standards.

Gaddafi's problem is that he did NOT have enough "Deterrent Power" to keep the United States from attacking Libya. IF Gaddafi had nuclear weapons, then the United States would NOT have attacked Libya.
That is for sure.

Anyway, understand this, "Deterrent Power" prevents an aggressive country from attacking another country.
For decades, United States has wanted to use their US military to attack Russia (Soviet Union).
The NUMBER ONE reason why United States has not gone to war against Russia, is that Russia has the ultimate "Deterrent Power", which is nuclear weapons that would have been used against the United States.
THAT is why they fought the "Cold War".
Ever since after World War Two, NO country has started a war against the United States, because the US has the ultimate "Deterrent Power", which is nuclear weapons.
IF the US did not have nuclear weapons, then many countries would have used their militaries to go to war against the US and attacked the US.
It was exactly seventy years ago today (December 11, 2011) that Hitler declared war against the US, but at that time, Hitler did not know about the American atomic bombs.

Similarly, the same goes for Japan.

So, what you need to know is that it is reasonable and rational for your country to have nuclear weapons as a "Deterrent Power" to protect Iran from an attack by the United States and/or Israel.

I do NOT promote any country to have nuclear weapons.

But nuclear weapons are an irreversible fact of life.
So, if one county has nuclear weapons, then other countries have the right to have nuclear weapons to ONLY be used as a "Deterrent Power". It is a matter of moral relativism.

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